Thanks to Elko aka ShadowHawk...
Heres how to solve the problem....
BEWARE !!...needs editing of your registry have been warned, carry on at your own risk....!!
heres what you must do
heres Elko`s reply to my help

Thanks for your reply....
Well you deffinatly put me on the right track by pointing at the registry.
I dug into the registry and found an entry called Pixel Multimedia, this
entry has a subkey called Dme which refers to a value of admin.ini, this
being the one causing all the trouble.
I deleted the entire key
I hope you are aware of regedit, the program can be found in your windows or
your windows/system map I'm not sure.
Start the program and goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then this list
you'll see the subfolder Pixel Multimedia....delete that one. The first time
I checked there was also a subfolder called "Pixel" maybe that was an old
entry, dunno but i deleted that one also
Try deleting the "Pixel multimedia" folder alone first though
After you've done that close regedit and restart Dme (ume.exe /dme), the
first time I got an error message, probly because dme didn't find any reg.
entry, the second time it started and hurraaaaaaaay the double entry bug is

Long story small result.....but deffinatly preverable over reinstalling
windows me thinks


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