Hello again chaps, as I explained in a earlier post I recently took USAF out of the vault and reinstalled it.
My only excuse is I bought it on the day it came out, at that time we simmers were spoiled with seemingly half a dozen new simms coming out a week, so I had not payed the attention USAF deserved.
However now my problem, I have downloaded and installed the most recent admin patch, and the improvements are obvious, I have not attempted to download and install any new aircraft yet as it looks a bit complex and I am unable to printout the write up on that as my printer is up the swanny.
I have downloade and installed new missions no prob,today I downloaded the 3dcockpits from the excellent bobsyouruncle site, followed the instructions copied and pasted them into the excisting cockpit folder in resorses, the problem is USAF will not run now,I tried running a training mission just to have a look at me new cockpits, everything goes fine until I click on engauge, my desk top resizes to 12000/ 1600 and then nothing, zip, nada.
Looks like I anm going to have to delete and reinstall.
I would be greatful for any hints as to what i did wrong.
PS, Made the aquaintence of a chap this year who now flies A320's for a living, in his youth he flew the mighty Phantom for Lizzy Windsor, albeit the Limey version,(Spey engines),he expresseda interest in a decent fast jet sim for the PC, I thought for a while and remembered that USAF had a good flyable Phantom, thats what made me stick it back on me hard disc, but bugga him he aint gettin it now.
Thank you again all you chaps who do all these mods and patches ,you do a sterling job.