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#1522765 - 03/04/02 09:02 PM "USAF" CTD HELP  


Hello Fellow Warrior's
I just bought my first Jane's Game "USAF"
And it run's fine right up until an
Enemy Fire's A rocket. then Crash to Desktop... only when enemy fire's rocket
game loads fine, patch loads fine game runs good.I have not found any info yet.
PLEASE any suggestion's would be greatly appreciated. I've gotten every other flight sim their is to work great..
Thank you all for your time..
gateway (ya, ya, I know)
1.5GHZ Pentium 4
256MB Ram

#1522766 - 03/04/02 09:06 PM Re: "USAF" CTD HELP  


Oh YA I forgot
I'm running window's ME

thanks again

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