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#1511308 - 02/18/01 03:33 AM New missile flair  


Just a small enhancement with missile "after burn" effect. looks much nicer in the dark! Its been sent to SimHQ for download.

Sorry still having problems with new bases on maps, its still crashing although they work! Nearly finished a killer AI brain for opposition aircraft, they are very smart in AA combat. Will feature in the next admin file.

I may use daabs if he doesnt mind and update all new things with this as the baseline. Let me know daab if its ok!

A word about versions. I only use version 1.01 for the game, I did not like the official 1.02 update because of AI aircraft bouncing off a layer of thin air 200ft from the ground. This was done to stop aircraft crashing for no apparent reason. Aircraft still sometimes crash but so would anyone with moves they make in USAF

Also you will need to reinstall the game before adding the admin file or it wont work.

Cant document everything as there are too many changes to the file, just enjoy if you like it and kick some CREL ass.


PS anyone using the cloud file make sure you completely replace the old one or it wont work properly

[This message has been edited by Jupiter (edited February 18, 2001).]

#1511309 - 02/18/01 09:43 AM Re: New missile flair  


he Jupi,

missflr.pal is also very nice!

Sorry still having problems with new bases on maps, its still crashing although they work!

sorry for being so desperate on this one. but maybe we can work on this together. I just want to share knowledge because maybe you are doing the same, or the opposite, on where I was also busy with. can you send me your developement by e-mail. or if it is not such a long story tell us where you are so busy with.

maybe I or someone else got an opinion or even better an approvement.

!!I am not so afraid for a crashing computer anymore!!



#1511310 - 02/18/01 10:30 AM Re: New missile flair  


Jupiter ol' boy...

Not only I don't mind, that was the actual reasoning behind making that admin in the first place.

I await to see the result!

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