To whom it may concern: I did a lot of reading up here regarding this combo and other places on the net and noticed there were not many reviews, let alone good ones. So I deciced to see for myself if this combo would fit my prop games and enhance the experience. I purchased it yesterday @49.95 and tried it last night.

When I first laid my hands on this combo it was already clear: A piece of juvenile junk, nothing more nothing less. Great perhaps for a Mechwarrior playing 14 year old. For an older flight simmer, no go !

PC-flying with it was completely unbearable. I tried IL-2 FB and BOB. In Red Baron I didnt even get it to work. Tried for 40 minutes and gave up.

I am returning it this morning -money back guaranteed. What a waste of time.

So on with my fine Suncom F15 HOTAS for the time being: Awaiting the X52 reviews in a few months (?) and then decide: X52 or CH HOTAS (note: no Cougar for me: I dont need to be part of the eternal discussion about pods, upgrades and stuff).

Cheers: Hope this thread was usefull to whom it may concern \:\)