I'm giving my setup here for the information of the chaps in the United States who hopefully will give this a try. Hope it helps to get you straight into a simlike dogfight.

Wings of War
This is my setup which I feel gives me the best non- arcade experience of this sim.

After install of game, when you go to set up in Program Files, to choose resolution etc, you will see a tab called vertical synchronisation. This needs to be clicked in or your mouse view will move only in the horizontal. Note the resolution and anti alias tabs. If you have a good system you can run at a very high res.
The sim will run with FRAPS, which tells you your FPS.
Having started the game, there is a video.
Pressing ESC will stop that and you load into a page to create a pilot.
Having done that you can go to options , and choose.
To run as least Arcade as possible, my choice is
Off (if you have separate rudders)

I have Detail and Shadows - high; and lens flare On.

Next page choose Instant Action, and you will see you have an Eindecker plane. This cannot be changed. (Yet!)
The other parameters have choices . Try this scenario.
10 or more mins
Arena Somme is good- Georgette is great for buildings
Season is self explanatory
Weather is also, but random gives you changing weather as you fly!
Limit. I like off.
Number of Bots (means AI enemy )

When you get to the 3d action itself you may find that you are outside the plane in Chase position. Pressing the C button will change it each time you press, eventually getting to the cockpit view.
There may be a dial in the each bottom corner of the screen. If so pressing R two or three times will rid you of the right hand one. Press I and the left hand one goes.

You should now have a sim cockpit view. If you have arrows pointing to your enemy off the screen, (CFS2 style), check in your Options that Markers is switched to Off.

Using the mouse to look around, or trackIR, you should now be ready to fight. The POV hat works as well, of course.
The enemy is usually behind you. Be wary of letting him line you up head on, or his rockets may have you. They are usually expended pretty quick by him, and thankfully he is not as lethal as in F.B head ons!
Then its gun v gun.
Both he and you will take a lot of bullets before you die. Look at your damage and his after the bullets hit!
Note the engine changes as you climb or dive.
Landing is easy, as energy bleeds quickly- but then it did in those machines, I imagine. The enemy is not chivalrous, however, he will still shoot you up on the ground if he is around. I found, though, that switching off my engine (E) seemed to make him go away.

Anytime in the game , press ESC to change options etc- You can then resume into the Game.

If you want to look around at the gorgeous terrain ( and you will ), set up a TM deathmatch with four of you versus two of them, then leave it to your mates and go off and have a look round.

Hope this helps.

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