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#1392784 - 08/25/04 02:34 AM Re: KoE - Time to wake up 'n smell the coffee  
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Joined: Dec 2002
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Rhode Island, USA
Originally posted by Cas141:
It has - you haven't been reading the posts fully, have you.?
No in fact I haven't. I've been on vacation for the last two weeks, when I left KOE was dead and we were all boycotting WoW. Now I get back and everyone is buying it all of a sudden. There are so many posts I haven't been able to read them all yet!

The Sheeps Pen
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#1392785 - 08/25/04 04:28 AM Re: KoE - Time to wake up 'n smell the coffee  
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Joined: Aug 2004
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Can't get RB3d to work so looking forward to this . What's wrong with fun . You'll never get a "true " sim from the get go for WW1 will have to be something like this modded by community or a sequeal by a company of a half sim half arcade game.

scott hill
#1392786 - 08/25/04 09:27 AM Re: KoE - Time to wake up 'n smell the coffee  
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Joined: Nov 2006
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I'm afraid I have to disagree that it has the same (or even similar) FM as CFS2. CFS2, FS2004, CFS3 and so on all share the same basic FM engine and this game is nothing like them. It does remind me a bit of the one time I went online with CFS2 when there were loads of modded planes spiralling all over the skies with infinite ammo, but that's about it. Also all the action takes places at extremely low altitudes (no idea exactly what as I can't see an altimeter anywhere, but I'd guess at most a few hundred feet) which isn't at all realistic for WW1. Even kite balloons operated at 2,500-4,500 feet and except for ground attack and other low level missions most aeroplane activity happened well above that especially in the last year or so.

As to ground objects you should have a careful look at CFS3 which has even more detailed buildings and vehicles (plus infantry too if they're enabled). Take the trucks for example, they're simple boxes in WoW, in CFS3 they're as detailed as any of the planes. Sadly CFS3 suffers from MS's seeming inability to use the objects well and they're dotted randomly about and of course positioned on the icky low res base textures. WoW seems to share CFS3's coniferitis with pine trees (or what look like them) all over the shop. WoW scores heavily over CFS3 (or any of the MS sims) in terms of terrain due to the good overall design rather than the details of the 3D engine - and also of course by being massively smoother. I suspect it achieves this through the limited view range and the very simple AI and flight engine.

WoW is a great game, but without some major input from the developers I really don't think it will (or can) be what most people these days would call as sim.

Have fun

#1392787 - 08/25/04 03:49 PM Re: KoE - Time to wake up 'n smell the coffee  
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Joined: Dec 2000
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Northern hemisphere
Finn S!
" through the limited view range and the very simple AI and flight engine."

I don't think the view range is at all limited. Furthest and best horizon I have seen in any flight sim - In Instant Action,that is.
Compare with BOB in this respect, and that is the most sim of Prop sims.

Let me say that this game/sim can be put into two parts.
1.The campaign , as they call it. This is daft and if you play only this then it is arcade and nowhere near a sim.
2. Instant Action - this is something else. Like QMB in IL2 you pick scenerios, AI numbers, weather etc.
May I suggest that you unlock the planes available in Instant Action ( see a cheat available at )

and then set up with all arcade options turned off.
It would then be as difficult as qmb in IL2 without padlock!! See if the AI is as simple in that \:\)

Mankind's problem is not failing to know the difference between right and wrong; - It is failing to know the difference between different and wrong
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