Salute Everyone!
This K.O.E. looks very exciting and the new screen shots tell us this flight simm is coming along real nice.
US95 Has become one of the first K.O.E. Squadrons. We will need Fighter pilots plus Bomber pilots for this great up coming flight simm. We are one of the first RB3D Squads so we want to be one of the first K.O.E. Squadrons. We take all fliers from Roockies to old Veteran pilots like myself. Pay isn`t that great but you can`t find a better bunch of Allied players!
If you join now you can get in on some RB3D Wars! It would give you some great practice before we take to the skies in KOE this fall.
Plus we also fly IL2 FB for any WW2 pilots. We have 2 great Simms you could get invovled in.
Check out are Website!
All we ask is fly with Honor!
And have a great time!
Take Care!
US95 Maj.Rooster