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#1389834 - 12/28/03 04:23 PM Mata Hari would be proud!  
Joined: Jul 2001
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FlyXwire Offline
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Joined: Jul 2001
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St.Charles, Missouri U.S.A.
It was great to read the recent Knights Over Europe interview by Alain-James on Check-Six!.........slowly a sharper picture of the sim's design concepts are coming into focus for us.

Check out the article yourself if you haven't already while I highlight a couple excerpts from the interview that I find particularly interesting.

Top of the list (for me at least) has to be the following:

The first installment of "Knights Over Europe" will focus on the air war over the Western Front. In fact, we already have high-resolution terrain data in place for the entire theater, from the English Channel to the Swiss border.

Did I read "the first installment" of............................... \:\)

Many of the sleuths here on the forum have anticipated that to simulate any protracted historical conflict nowadays, requires a more targeted approach to the design process than has been the case with previous games. It's good to hear the designers at Aspect Simulations are giving this tip to quality and immersion! Still, modeling the entire Western Front in high-resolution detail has got to be quite an undertaking in itself!!!

Another interesting excerpt from the interview discusses KOE's multiplayer component:

"Knights Over Europe" will ship with support for both LAN and Internet play, including the ability for players to cooperatively man multi-crew aircraft. We know this has been a popular feature in past simulations that has been neglected of late.


If you've never flown as an gunner/observer in a WWI air sim before you don't know what fun you've been missing, and to be able to do it cooperatively with other players, pilots, and gunners online will be fantastic!!!

Lastly, and connected to the above multi-crew-ability is the following:

...each individual will embark on a career path that is unique to his or her own skills, interest and abilities. One that isn't limited to the role of a pilot.

How about campaign careers that allow multi-role choices..........and careers not limited to starting as a pilot only! Maybe you want to start as an observer first, and transition to fighters by in-game promotion? \:D

Terrific stuff!!!

Thanks to Alain-James and Aspect Simulations for bringing some of these latest KOE insights to light.

Check-Six KOE Interview

What other gaming aspects does the community "spy" in this latest interview?

I wonder............

Inline advert (2nd and 3rd post)

#1389835 - 12/29/03 10:06 AM Re: Mata Hari would be proud!  
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Joined: Jan 2001
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Tampa, Florida USA
Originally posted by FlyXwire:

Did I read "the first installment" of............................... \:\)
Yep, liked seeing that. Nice to think that the game support might be around long enough for developers to iron out bugs here and there, not too mention adding content. I'd like to point out to them that allowing user made creations can go hand in hand with also adding developer content. Just look at BF1942 and OFP. Many add on$ and lots of mods as well.

#1389836 - 12/30/03 04:49 PM Re: Mata Hari would be proud!  


For those of you who are having difficulty finding an English or German version, I found an English one.......

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