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#1389799 - 12/13/03 09:57 AM "I don't care who is initially wrong or right."  


Apparently that's the problem here............time to read those forum rules again, instead of them being made up on the fly!!! ;\)

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#1389800 - 12/13/03 11:16 AM Re: "I don't care who is initially wrong or right."  
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Well, I would really have to agree with you FlyXw... I mean FlyXpired on this one ;\)

You did present your case in public true, but in all hoesty I hate the "around the bush" approach to a personal attack. I say bring it out in the open for all to see and take note! We've done this many a time in the SDOE community (Although at another forum site and not here) and really all was settled fair and true come the end. I'm the moderator/admin of a few forums myself (All of the FS-WWI forums at, WWI forum at BioHaz Central, and at and I've never seen something like this.

Your "Revenge of the Peanut Gallery!" post did nothing but bring the "rules of engagement" into reminder to all those here, and yet it got locked! I've never seen something so hipacritical in all my life on a forum from a moderator!!! Even from the very moderator insisting to all that we "take note of the rules" and yet he locks the very thread reminding us all that there are rules here that every body must follow! Sad really... \:\(

Seems no one these days can take a bit of critisism!

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#1389801 - 12/13/03 01:37 PM Re: "I don't care who is initially wrong or right."  


Perhaps we can talk this dilemma out too then........that is if the thread remains open! \:D

First, I think we all can agree that there will always be a certain degree of tension in any open forum.........that's the dynamic consequence of communication, brought about by the introduction of differing ideas, as well as the subsequent process towards consensus building.

I like an insightful discussion, and this can be most helpful in promoting creative thought.........there's lot's of sharp guys on this forum, and we press our views based on the knowledge we feel we have acquired over the years. \:\)

However, I don't care for "inciteful" discussions, where no acknowledgment of factual reference is made to boolster opinion, and the discussion degenerates into an ever increasing rise in the rhetorical volume, without a corresponding appreciation in the "conversations" thoughtfulness!

Basically, if a forum is to bring forth information, discovery, engender a sense of respect and comradeship amongst its members, then certain social rules must be in place that reinforce the value and contributions that each individual brings to the table.

These then our the norms of respectful discourse, that should serve to govern the interaction amongst the community's members, and if observed (and respected), there should never be cause to resort to further action!

However, what happens if the community is forced to suffer insults, abusive harrassment, profanity, et al, that at times is introduced into the dynamic mix that represents the on-going communication?

Are there consequences???

Of course!

To express ideas and opinions into the content (and context) of this forum's discussions is the primary reasons us WWI fans come well as to hear those of others.

However, no one member should have a free reign to engage in disruptive and disrespectful behavior at the expense of others!

I feel sad for Binky Bartlette, and for his having to endure those insults in that recent and unfortunate exchange here on this board, and hope that he comes back to the forum, as he truly tried to abide by the "rules of engagement" during that incredible barrage!

Finally, maybe some good can come from this past week's tirade, but to appease the aggressor, or to instead kill the messenger(s) would be totally counterproductive...........IMO. ;\)

#1389802 - 12/13/03 04:47 PM Re: "I don't care who is initially wrong or right."  


Usually I stay out of these "discussions". But I will add my 2 cents, in that, I was surprised at the reaction of the moderator as well. Sounded like he "shot from the hip" IMHO.

I have seen BvH post before on other forums with sometimes the same results..I like BvH though..he gets passionately eccentric(IMO) and I find he adds the "spice" to sometime bland dishes :>)

Anyway it's not's the internet ;>)

#1389803 - 12/13/03 06:27 PM Re: "I don't care who is initially wrong or right."  
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I'll say this once, and I'll say it again, for the last time.

FlyX was given a 'time out' because he decided to call out an individual instead of talking to the forum administrators about what he considered to be inappropriate behavior by one of the board members. Right or wrong in the intitial arguement doesn't matter. He let it escelate to the point where it turned into a flam war among several members.

If you continue with the flyx you won't be allowed to come back. You can come in here with your various personas and post but I can lock em almost as fast as you make them.

Or you can sit back, cool off and in one week discuss the game without flipping out.

Your call but if you re-introduce this concept of how I am being so 'unfair' then you won't come back.

The reason you are in trouble is not because you don't have legitimate gripes but because you decided to argue and flame instead of going to the people who run the site.

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