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#1389795 - 12/12/03 12:36 PM To SimHQ Tom Cofield  
Joined: Jul 2001
Posts: 1,080
FlyXwire Offline
FlyXwire  Offline

Joined: Jul 2001
Posts: 1,080
St.Charles, Missouri U.S.A.

In regards to my conduct on this board, I would like to point out that I have been, and the community has been (as VonHelton calls us: the peanut gallery) more than patient with VonHelton, and with his efforts to convince the membership on the merit of his opinions. Then in a recent posting he directly forwards that the KOE Staff ignore one of this forum's!

Dear KOE Staff, please IGNORE those individuals like FlyXwire
At that point, IMO, he was in violation of this forums rules, and I contemplated having him censored for this direct and persoanl attack against me. By the way, he made an identical posting on the Frugal's World forum too! This campaign of his, to demand that a third party (the KOE Staff) IGNORE my opinions is against everything this forum should be about!

So quite to the contrary Tom, I have tried remain reserved and calm in my response to VonHelton's personal effort against my opinions, even though his postings sometimes border on the rediculous (in content and demeanor).

Please consider the facts at hand, then make your judgements appropriately!

If I'm considered at fault Tom, then I will gladly resign from this board immediately, and without reservation!

Thank You.

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#1389796 - 12/12/03 04:19 PM Re: To SimHQ Tom Cofield  


Von Heltons a nutcase...

ive had enough of him.

It was my belief a games merits were being discussed here...but in fact nothing is being discussed we are constantly forced to listen to this idiot.

now its come to petty namecalling..which i wont be a part of.

Im off this forum and i wont be back....well done von helton.

its no coincidence that trouble follows you wherever you go.

Forum hijacking should be punishable by death.

#1389797 - 12/12/03 08:13 PM Re: To SimHQ Tom Cofield  
Joined: Oct 2000
Posts: 9,522
Wklink Offline
Permanent Latrine Orderly
Wklink  Offline
Permanent Latrine Orderly

Joined: Oct 2000
Posts: 9,522
Olympia, Washington
You both are wrong OK?

If there is a problem with one or another of the board members here it should be addressed to the moderators of the forum. We don't have time to sit here and babysit every single thread that comes down the pike.

I am continually amazed that people whine and complain about unfair board moderation when I have received (get this now) exactly 0 (that's ZERO folks) e-mails concerning improper threads or conduct by othe board members. That's not in the last three weeks, that's in the last three months. BTW, that is with all the boards here, not just this one. Yet when I finally see what is obviously a 'calling out' thread and tell someone to stop it I am accused of being unfair.

If you have a problem with a poster then e-mail me privately (you will note that my e-mail is at the bottom of my sig and that I am also listed with the staff page) and I will look into it. If I get an e-mail I do investigate but guess what, if I get NO e-mails then I can't investigate dink. I am not omnipresent.

If you think this policy is unfair and that my inability to be everywhere is wrong then leave. You don't help correct the problem, you just contribute to it with the way you currently act.

Enough said, thread closed.

The artist formerly known as SimHq Tom Cofield

Moderated by  RacerGT 

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