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#1389709 - 12/02/03 04:00 PM Other sim issues besides flying  


Of course Knights Over Europe, has probably got a strict development plan, with what is, and is not going to appear in it, all carefully mapped out, so how valid my comments here are is anyones guess, but I figured Id start a thread on what you think makes a good sim besides the flying bit. Heres a few thoughts
One thing which I think helps the immersion factor considerably, is the feeling that you are flying with real people in your squadron, even in the offline single player parts of a sim. One or two sims from the past stand out to me as having managed this better than others.
Lucasarts Battle of Britain (now theres an old sim) had a particularly effective part where you could make characters and assign them to the flights, it was simple but at the time quite innovative and added to the feeling that you were with comrades on the mission. Janes F/A-18 also has a good go at this as does B-17. With the ability in WW1 sims to identify planes in the air so readily from their paint schemes, having a solid whos in what plane and how good are they? element to a sim can really add a lot, as can messing around with the paint schemes.
Knights of the Sky yet another WW1 blast from the past, had a really entertaining interface which added much to the immersion factor, and it had that other vital element for immersion, a really good campaign structure, where more capable aeroplanes became available in a convincing manner, that managed to convey a sense of them being a new development at that time.
Within the campaign structure in a WW1 flying sim, it would be nice to be able to go for lone patrols at will, or perhaps air tests after having messed around with gun harmonisation or some other modification. I cant imagine it would be too difficult to put a graphical in-game interface into a sim giving you the ability to tweak the trim and dihedral etc on your plane, to affects the air file, actually as part of the reality of the game, rather than on an options screen in the set up. Perhaps adding elements of the ground crew.
The few sims that have steered away from a campaign structure, or touches such as these dont seem to have any soul in my opinion, it always seems as though something is missing, which indeed it is.
Its long been a wish expressed by many that the ability to get out of your sim plane and walk around it, perhaps having to fight your way or sneak back across the lines after a crash would add much. Whether this is true or not, no-one really knows, since its never really been tried, although the ability to utilise aerial vehicles in FPS games such as Operation Flashpoint and BF1942 hints that it would indeed be fun, certainly more fun than a digital roll of the dice after youve successfully pulled of a forced landing.
Just a few ideas, Im sure youve all got pet wants that youd like to see too.

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#1389710 - 12/03/03 07:18 AM Re: Other sim issues besides flying  
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Dantes Offline
Dantes  Offline

Joined: Dec 2001
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Toronto, Canada
Good questions poised there.

Chock, are you sure you haven't been over at the Wings With Wires forums? ;\)

It's too much to write again but here are a few links where we talked about that immersion and its place in a WW1 sim. I love that term "immersion"

A couple touching on Squadrons:

"Online squadrons, conventional wisdom, and your paradigm."


A general wish list:

"What do you look for in a WWI sim?"

The stream kind of ran out recently at WWW, but I hope the KOE forum has many of these engaging discussions.


#1389711 - 12/03/03 02:40 PM Re: Other sim issues besides flying  


Dantes, I did have a look at the Wings with Wires site and very interesting it looks too, I'll have a good long look at it when I get time, thanks for the links BTW.
Are you the guy that did that 'The Last Flight' short film? I was impressed with that, having done a bit of film work in the past myself(amongst many other things). I particularly liked the defocusing, which made it look almost like period footage - albeit in colour, very nicely done.

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