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#1389686 - 11/29/03 02:44 AM Desision  


After reading all of the posts concerning Knights over Europe I have come to the following conclusion.

Reading everyones wish list I too want a total immersion WW1 flight sim with all the wants and desires that people have already posted plus some of my own.
Being realistic however I would settle for a good MMP immersion. Playing single player at home by myself however gets dull and I dont care what anyone says about a great AI I would rather play against an unperdictable human any day than againt a computer opponent.
KOE has to cater to the middle of the road computer owners. Not everyone has a 3.0 gig plus computer with the latest, hotttest video card on the market installed on their system. They (KOE) must take into account what the average computer ower has in CPU speed, Video card etc. and design a game based on what would be an average computer overall.
I would like to see a great MMP WW1 flight sim with all the eye candy and FPS performance that can be programmed. The best times that I have played a sim or First person shooter for that matter was on line. Human against human.
I can debate the aspects of flight models, history with the best but a good Multiplayer game against a fellow human adversary is what I hope that Aspect will concentrate on. I support Zoltan and the other MMP avocates.

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#1389687 - 11/29/03 02:46 AM Re: Desision  


Dang spelled decision incorrectely. sorry

#1389688 - 11/29/03 05:28 AM Re: Desision  
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Good points.

Regarding the system requirement: I'd like to see enough flexibility built into the sim so that it can continue to scale over what will hopefully be a lifetime as long as RBII. While most folks won't have a system capable of running with all the options maxed out on release day, I'd hate to see some hard-coded limitations holding us back three or four years from now. Case in point: RBII's problems with handling large textures tied to the state-of-the-art Voodoo cards available in 1998.

Pushing beyond the limits of existing systems is a good thing provided there are enough adjustments a user can make to allow the sim to run well on lower-end systems.

#1389689 - 12/08/03 07:49 PM Re: Desision  


One of the great things about a WW1 sim online is that you can get away without radio communication (online chat), and still be authentic, unless in a 2 seater of course.
This also means that in offline play, communication can be accurately portrayed as it is limited to a few visual commands, although how the AI planes in your flight would recognise you rocking your wings when you spot the bad guys is beyond me :-) Leave that one to the developers LOL!
Still, it's one of the few simulated environments, where the comparative inability to communicate with your squad, is not a disadvantage, merely a situation which reflects the reality, so I think offline play would certainly have its merits too.

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