I'm wondering if KOE will have a replay feature just like the original Red Baron; A feature that was conspicuously missing from Red Baron II or Red Baron 3D.

I'm tired of defending the reasons why recording your missions for later playback is important to me (see my posts in Strike Fighters forum). This does not appear to be on the forefront of some developers. But they do talk at length about how detailed their sims are:

"...you can see the rivets on the aircrafts skin..."

"...the landing gear animation is so real you will wonder if your watching a documentary..."

"...All the flight controls move just like their real world counterparts..."

"...the bullets rip the fabric and show up on the model in the right location...", etc. etc.

How are we to see all that when we are trying to fly and fight?

Why even bother to recreate that if no one will see it?

...er....damn... I promised myself I wouldnt cry... \:D

I only wish to say that if such great graphics are part of your sim then please allow us to marvel at them after the battle is over. Not to mention brag about our skill in video form.


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