Originally posted by Low&Slow:
Just installed this and I get very bad shaking in the cockpit views, while the AC flys smooth in the external views.

Any idea whats up with that ?
Yup. It's a carryover from PSF's virtual pit (not a new feature as some people thought). It's most noticeable at high speed and low altitude.

The thing is that in PSF, the virtual 3D pit is zoomed all the way out by default (4 key), and in OIF (which uses only the virtual pit now), the default view is zoomed way in, even slightly closer than PSF's 2D pit front view. The effect is pretty cool IMO as long as the pit is zoomed all the way out as in PSF. But when zoomed in it becomes way too much, IMO.

Unfortunately, there's no way to save/set a new default cockpit zoom nor is there a way to disable cockpit shake. OIF's cockpit is an abomination from the lower depths of hell and until it gets fixed, this sim isn't worth the $5.00 CompUSA is currently selling it for!

Edit: Same thing with the head movement (bobbing) effect. Some people thought it was a new feature with OIF. Nope. To get the same effects in PSF press the 4 key for the virtual pit, then zoom in by pressing Shift + until you get the approximate default view of OIF. There's your cockpit shake and head bobbing. \:\)

Also notice the HUD glass and frame is basic compared to the 2D pit. OIF uses PSF's 3D pit HUD frame which is why it doesn't look as nice as PSF's 2D front view.


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