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Some beautiful shots there VonS, 2nd one with the wing showing is like a Turner with its drama!

Thanks Pol - yes, WOTR makes for some great photos.

For those running WOTR Phase One, just a quick note (after some testing) that the tweaked shaders.xml file used in my WOFF GPU Tuner Patch (for PE/also compatible with BHAH.II), and that turns on several lighting settings/effects that are dormant in the stock shaders file - may be copied over to the WOTR GPU Tuner Patch as well. Make sure that the tuner patches are deactivated first, in JSGME, before copying/moving, etc. The shaders.xml file should be placed in "C:\OBDSoftware\WOTR\MODS\01_VonS_MaxFPSnGraphicsGPUtuner_ver1.1\OBDWW2 Wings Over The Reich" and then loaded, with the ver. 1.2 patch installed after ver. 1.1 and overwriting 1.1. Couple of representative pics. below (gives a wee bit more greenery to the grass in sunny conditions, as is the case with shaders.xml in the WOFF Tuner Patch).

Cheers all and happy WOTRing,
Von S smile2

P.S. I am currently running WOTR Phase One and my FrankenWOFF 4.18 installs with "v-sync forced on" in the in-sim menus - and I like the results - with about 20 to 30 or so FPS extra overhead with v-sync off (about 80-90 fps with mods. installed), capping FPS to 60 with v-sync on maintains smooth FPS and also keeps the GPUs a bit cooler. Tweak such settings to taste and as per rig. setups. I will probably continue running the installs with v-sync on since I have noticed no loss in quality and no loss in smooth FPS that way (no point in having wasted FPS that I can't see or do anything with, but it's good to have the overhead there). I will maybe re-visit the WOTR GPU Tuner in the future once I've tested further my "FrankenMiniTuner" - since it may be possible to make more distant terrains sharper but not to lose too many FPS - will see how it pans out further in FrankenWOFF 4.18 since I have to run a couple of campaign flights to collect further data (so far so good with FPS in QC mode).

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