I definitely recommend what RJW has posted above - read directions very carefully in the consolidated airfields, facilities and figures packages - since there are at least four or five folders in there that need to be installed in the proper order. Also keep in mind that JJJ's historical-aircraft-at-airfields mod., that is an add-on to his excellent Mission Editor, is not compatible with the latest (full consolidated) version of RJW's airfields packages. Best is to leave the JJJ historical aircraft mod. out if running the latest consolidated airfields mods. (I use an older version of the consolidated mod. in WOFF PE that functions with JJJ's aircraft mod. - whereas the light airfields mod. I have in ver. 4.18 is only UE-compatible and was never updated for PE.) Once the BHAH.II edition of WOFF comes out - I recommend initially running it in stock form until there is more info. on mod-compatibility with BHAH.II from various modders who are still actively modding. Look for updates both here in the SimHQ threads and also under the relevant CombatAce threads for WOFF.

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