@ Adger, YES! I have been hoping you would try straight up WOFF and hopefully WOTR again. Nothing against reshade or your previuos work, but if you compare a non reshade with a reshade pic you will see that the reshade pics are slightly darker, grainier(if that's a word?) and present a little worse AA and the edges of the planes show it. You have a great eye for pics, angles, times of day and all around composition and these latest few pics which you have posted really show the realistic quality of the graphics, colors and quality of the planes in WOFF. That Tripe/Alby pic is off the charts! S! smile

@Albert Tross, Yes those Caudron simply are just begging for it flaunting there dual engines all across the countryside as if they are Kingly or something such! It is best that you taught them and their brethren a lesson which neither shall forget any time soon Sir! S! ar15
Nice pics Sir.


Edit: I just read back 3 pages and see you all have been talking about running stock WOFF, and...I am late to the party and uninformed as usual.So,............ I concur whole heatedly! hahaha

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