Lovely screenies all, keep them coming. I agree Adger, the default colors in WOFF PE are just fine - as is the sharpness of dials, gauges, etc. in the cockpits. For those who might like a wee bit more greenery to the grass - you will find that my GPU Tuner for WOFF PE does the trick (I have toggled on some light effects in the shaders.xml file that are dormant in the stock file, among other changes) - see pic. at the link below for the results, among other pics. from the "Casual Campaigns" thread.

Those running ver. 4.18 or earlier of WOFF UE are recommended to check over the Bucksnort SweetFX package, as well as my additions for that package (bloom, subtle bloom, no bloom, etc.). For some reason I was never able to get ReShade running on my rig. but no big loss since I don't need such programs anyway with WOFF PE, as I'm sure I won't need them with later eds. of WOFF too.

Cheers all and happy tinkering,
Von S smile2

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