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Ahh cheers for the heads up Albert. Yeah I’m in May with 56 SQ,Cecil Lewis I believe is with me (I’m using a 60 SQN skin for my personal kite)... Brrrrr I’m feeling cold just looking at them pics, quality pal that’s a few more of yours added to my screenshot collection cheers

You're welcome mate, the quality of pictures you can get with WOFF is superb. I've often thought of getting a calendar printed using some of the best ones I've seen on here. They're so good.

The seasons look so realistic in WOFF, the winters look bloody cold and the French summers dusty and hot.

56 Squadron eh, you're in good company there. Cecil Lewis, Reg Hoidge, Albert Ball is there at the start of course. Then James McCudden arrives 'Beery' Bowman and Arthur Rhys-Davids. You'll be lucky to get a shot in mate biggrin

"A great deal of an aeroplane could be holed without affecting its ability to fly. Wings and fuselage could be—and often were—pierced in 50 places, missing the occupants by inches (blissfully unaware of how close it had come until they returned to base). Then the sailmaker would carefully cover each hole with a square inch of Irish linen frayed at the edges and with a brushful of dope make our aircraft 'serviceable' again within an hour."