But if we did it together..... biggrin

I've read quite a bit about the new heist. The keys seem to be to do all of the preps, and to not get detected. They say if you get detected it's nearly impossible because of all the aggro that unloads on you, and there is no way to get it back to unalerted state. Many players say that they just kill themselves once the alarm sounds and try again. The payoff is good, but I'll have to see how much effort goes in to the prep work. Might not be worth the hassle, especially solo.

A SimHQ Heist Crew would be great, still holding faint hope. To this day, the first heist is the only one I've done. Oden and I did it together, the details of which are earlier in this thread. I hope to do them all before GTA VI. The window to submit applications remains open smile

Need three professional gangster mf'ers, with their sh!t wired tight to roll some paper, fool!

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