Big update dropped yesterday! So out of the loop, had no idea.

A lot of new stuff. A new island, a big submarine, new weapons, aircraft and vehicles. new missions and even a new heist. Now normally something like this sub would get a glance from me and nothing more. This isn't how I spend my money in GTAO. But I've heard the associated heist is SOLOABLE!!!

If that's true I just might buy me a sub. Anyone who has read through this thread has seen the anguish I've endured just trying to get three people to want to do heists together. If this new update does indeed allow solo heists, and all it takes is buying a 2 million dollar submarine, well then, maybe I will! Not sure what the payoff it though.

I like the new helo, called the Sparrow. Might have to add one of those to my hangar at LSIA smile

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