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No, just walked out of the training room. Oh well, hopefully things will become clearer.

By the training room do you mean the combat and hacking tutorial that you do virtually while sitting in the car before the rescue missions that Lieste is referring to?

If so then yep, that's where the three unique backgrounds all converge. there is a long montage that flitters by (I was like what's this then?) and it flashes up on the screen "6 months later". At this point you're tight with Jackie and you're running together, doing jobs. This rescue is just another one of those jobs (the ones that came before being handled by that montage which is supposed to represent the time that has passed I guess)

Which life path had you chosen? I can't speak for the others, but in Street Kid I surely knew Jackie from what transpired before. T-Bug is the one guiding you but I cannot recall now whether I had encountered her before this mission? But this of course will be the first time you hear of Sandra, the girl you're sent to rescue. If you suddenly found yourself in NC, then I reckon you went nomad.

I think archermav's confusion stems from the fact that 6 months went by and you're just dropped in to the day the Rescue mission comes up.

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