Brief update to this thread - have not forgotten about the novel. Currently busy with work but hope to get into a thorough editing of Lady Harbury's Burlesque Studio sometime in late Dec. and to "envision" how the final text will look.

Other brief update - have been following the great tales in the DiD Threads, when I find time, and noticed some mention of my FMs there. To simplify usage of FMs in the DiD Threads, as per the benevolence of the deities that operate that thread - I thought I would simplify the list of types shown in one of the other posts here when ver. 6.0 of the FM pack came out. Below are listed only the types that might work well in the DiD Thread. (The final ver. 7.0 of the FM packs, that will include a look-over of the Halbies and RFC-variant Nieups., will follow sometime next year I hope - have postponed tinkering with that until WOFF 2021 comes out since I don't want to test and retest the FMs too many times.)

Info. that follows below taken/compressed from:

I recommend the following ones as the only "DiD-friendly FMs" gents' - if you wish to keep all other FMs at stock values without loading up the entire package of my FM tweaks into the DiD Campaigns.

The DiD-friendly FMs:

late Sopwith Tripe 135 hp - July to Nov. 1917 (with improved elevator); use the stock Tripe FM for dates prior to July of '17

late Alb. D.II 180 hp - Aug./Sept. 1917 to Nov. 1918; use if stuck flying an Alb. D.II after Aug./Sept. of '17 for some reason

late Sopwith Pup 100 hp - Jan./Feb. to Nov./Dec. 1917; stock Pup FM is the 80 hp variant, used to about the spring of '17

SPAD 7 150 hp - standard service dates (Aug. 1916 to Jan./Feb. 1917); Raine used this one for the Capt. Collins flights under the DiD Thread

early Camel 110 hp - June to Nov./Dec. 1917; stock "standard" Camel FM is the 130 hp one, for use from late '17 onwards (not to be confused with the other, 150+ hp Camel)

Fokk. D.VII 180 hp - May to June 1918; use if flying the Fokk. D.VII prior to July of '18; stock "standard" D.VII is close to the approx. 200 hp variant that was most typical of the D.VII variants (not to be confused with the BMW D.VII variant); Mikael Carlson's D.VII is the 200 hp variant by the way

SPAD 13 200 hp - Nov./Dec. 1917 to Feb./Mar. 1918; use the stock SPAD 13 FM from the spring of '18 onwards since that is the 220 hp variant

SPAD 13 235 hp - July/Aug. to Nov. 1918; flier-discretion advised; some SPAD 13s were upgraded to 235 hp engines from about Aug. of '18; use instead of the stock SPAD 13 if you are feeling lucky and as per the campaign deities' choices/benevolence in the DiD Thread

Pfalz D.III - about Sept. to Dec. 1917; use the stock FM for the Pfalz. D.IIIa from Jan. of '18 onwards to end of war

Pfalz E.III 90-95 hp - standard service dates of second half of 1915, appeared before the E.I and E.II Pfalz variants, by the way, and is rare; use the stock 100 hp Pfalz E.III for first half of 1916

Morane Parasol L early (80 hp) - used from beginning of war to about the end of 1915; use the stock Parasol FM from Jan. of '16 and until end of use of type in '17

More info.: The only other model that might be worth considering is the FM tweak for the BMW Fokk. D.VII since, among other subtle modifications, it gives a top speed of about 210 kph - the stock FM on the BMW D.VII goes up to the high 190s kph only (similar speed to the standard 200 hp D.VII). The reasoning, and a logical conclusion by OBD (I assume that this is what they were thinking), is that full throttle on the over-compressed BMW engine would not have been used below about 1500 m alt., and so, at about 85% throttle max. at lower alts., a slightly lower top speed is the result. My tweak that gets you to 210 kph or so at the lower alts. assumes that some pilots would have disregarded throttle suggestions and blasted away if chased by SPAD 13 variants, not worrying about possible engine damage. This is something for the DiD Thread to decide if they want to use the BMW D.VII tweak at times (in campaigns that go into the second half of '18).

Was also thinking a bit more about my various FM packages and realized that the Dr.1 available in WOFF is the common "gaskammered" variant with improved air-intake on the Oberursel (Mikael Carlson has a similar one, "late production" replica, top speed in the mid-180s kph). If I have some free time over the coming holidays I will do an FM tweak for an earlier batch of Dr.1s that came out around Sept.-early Nov. of '17 (top speed high 160s kph or so for those, weaker top wing and other little things) - that might be another one worth including in the official FM list for the DiD Thread, but I will think about whether or not such a variant is worth doing since there are already plenty of aircraft types to choose from in WOFF. [EDIT: already done, included as small addon ver. 6.5 FM pack. See relevant post.]

@Fullofit (from the relevant DiD Thread post): There is a tweaked Alb. D.V (170 hp) and tweaked later D.V (180 hp) in my FM package - but I didn't include those on the DiD-friendly FM list since there are already stock FM variants available for both of those versions of the D.V. This is something I recommend double-checking with the DiD deities and sprites - while there are several subtle differences in my FM tweaks, the main ones - for the tweaked D.V variants - is that they have a slightly improved climb rate than in stock form, particularly the D.V 180 hp (and a better top speed on the uprated D.V too). I recommend that the DiD deities test the tweaked FMs for the D.V/D.V uprated before/if they choose to allow those instead of the stock D.Vs in the DiD Campaigns. The D.Va variants, by the way, I never tweaked - those are more than fine in stock form. The D.V variants, in my tweaks, are now slightly lighter than the D.Va too, as well with slightly more lethargic aileron response (since different routing of aileron cables on the D.V, slower response, etc.).

Happy flying,
Von S smile2

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