I don't agree, and for me it does matter. Open public servers are a sh!t show most of the time, although there are times when it all aligns and public can be a lot of fun.

GTAO public is mostly ruined by Oppressors, Deluxos, orbital cannons and all of the Jetsons stuff combined with psychopaths and the fact that there are player location dots on the map that act as come shoot me beacons.

Private lobbies are so much better but of course you miss the emergent gameplay and interaction with others. For me the best way to play is with like-minded players in a private lobby.

Public could be transformed by a couple of changes. One, make it a server option to remove all futuristic stuff like flying armed cars and bikes. Two, remove the dots. GTA is best with a gritty street crime vibe using facsimiles of real-world gear, weapons and cars/bikes/planes. The Oppressor is the worst of the lot. I rarely give in to hype and the notion that a single thing 'ruins' a game. But the Oppressor does. It's ridiculous.

A server without these things and without beacons would be awesome and I would play more, especially in public servers.

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