Oh Boy, do I sense a re-installation of GPL about to happen?

I think you might need a new thread here DB. Perhaps one called "SimHQ GPL League" biggrin

I had a look at your driver detail from my buddy list in GPLRank but it doesn't show any email or other unique ID info for your record that I see (see below). So you might have to search the dim dark depths of that memory and drag out your alternative log-in. There are lots of ranks in GPLRank especially given the mods that were popular, custom tracks, 1965 F1 cars, CANAM etc. Frankly, I'm surprised you didn't finish them all driving

Name: Derek Bond
Country: United States
Year of Birth: 1967
Sex: Male
URL: http://www.frugalsworld.com
First login: 2003-06-13
Last login: 2008-07-23
Last update: 2007-07-07 19:23:32
Class: F1
Steering device: Momo Force
Steering method: Wheel
Brake method: Left Foot

Until you figure out your log-in, your wish is my command:

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