Oh man, so cool. That's obsession in graph form haha smile

Not sure why nothing shows for me. When I log in it's literally blank, not a single laptime. Maybe I had more than one registration? But I'm using the same name so I doubt that's the problem. And I wonder what the big dip is in the graph? Maybe Frank logged in on my account accidentally biggrin

Some observations....

Despite my love for the Eagle, my results show the Lotus is the fastest. We already knew that but it's interesting to see that despite spending far less time in it I managed to be six seconds ahead of the Eagle. After all these years I am still the 1124th-fastest driver on GPL rank, and 578th-fastest across all chassis.

The chassis ranks show the relative capability of each car, even if I only did enough laps in the BRM and Honda to complete the Monster. I can recall that actually going negative in the BRM was quite the challenge and I was very happy when I did it. Man I hated the BRM. That big hunk of iron on the back used to swing it around at the worst times. Relative to all drivers, my Brabby times are the best. I really liked that car, and that's what I drove in the 1965 season we ran ( a blue one to boot!). It always felt underpowered, but it was so light and nimble, a real joy to drive. I'm a little surprised that I was faster in the Brabby than the Fez, but that's down to a ton of different factors, not least of which is seat time.

It's interesting too that the Cooper is faster than either the BRM or the white whale. It had a lawnmower motor, but it was just so smooth to drive. Fun car. Of course this is ME driving, and I'm sure other drivers have the results shake out differently. Can't believe I never ran a race in the Cooper. Hotlapping only.

For anyone reading this and wondering what this is.... GPL Rank is a website where drivers can submit their laps and races to achieve a 'rank', which is that driver's personal best laptime compared to the benchmark reference laps, which were the laptimes of each of the replays Papyrus included for each track. It works like par in golf. For example the laptime in the replay for Kyalami was 1:20.861, so if you happened to run a 1:18,861 you have a -2.000 for Kyalami. GPL rank is therefore the sum total of all track replays compared to your personal best at all 11 tracks. A 'negative' rank (under par) is the goal of course, to be faster than the Papy replays. This was such a motivator for me when I was racing GPL. At Frug's I (we) would make posts just about anytime we ran a new PB and dropped the rank.

Monster Rank is the same thing, but for all 7 cars across all 11 tracks. GPL rank just considers your fastest, regardless of chassis. But Monster Rank considers all cars. There was also another rank, I think it was called Challenge Rank, for a group of add-on tracks like Solitude, Le Mans, Goodwood and the like.

Thanks a lot for posting this Mark, it's wonderful to see and bring this all back for me. If it's no trouble, could you show me what my Ring PB is?

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