Hey Mark, great to see you here again!

I think Jussi's partner in crime you are thinking of is Brooks? He's the guy he ran Crash Test Dummies with, although I don't think Brooks ever raced in our GPL leagues, but did race GTR with us.

Yeah, those GPL leagues were great, and as I mentioned I miss it. Along with flying Falcon 4 with the boys, the time I spent racing GPL with you and the gang was the best time I've had on the internet. I was a bit obsessive about it. I turned thousands of laps over the years looking to improve, even if by a hundredth of a second haha. That "Robot" nick was earned with some serious devotion. Running around the Nurburgring countless times, and then saying, well what if I tried this differential? And then doing it again, and then again, again smile

I don't recall the particular incident you describe at Monza, so even if I were bent out of shape (sounds like me yes) it didn't last. I looked forward to each and every race, and prepared for them like it was real. Hosting mid-week practice sessions, using RA to analyze each lap, comparing them to yours and Frank's to see where I was gaining or losing and approaching it all rather scientifically so I'd be as prepared as possible come Saturday night (or Sunday morning in Oz). The Robot nick came from this, a low deviation due to this approach and no lack of concentration, which is vital in GPL of course. And the debriefs, where each driver posted his thoughts and perspective after the race. Good stuff.

Ah, just thinking about it now brings it all back. I miss the camaraderie, the competition, my Eagle (battling your Lotus and whatever crap car Frank was in) and having something so enjoyable to look forward to each week. It all came to an end when Frugal's went belly-up, but the memories are great. Hope all is well with you and yours.

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