A few more updates. Have looked over several sites - with links to more than about 50 publishers - big, small, and everywhere in between - and, yikes, there sure are a lot of romance publishers around, some "historical fiction" publishers too - but historical fiction publishers sure do have some very rigid categorizations (to the effect of the novel having to be fully historical, no embellishments whatsoever, even if historically believable) - which puts Lady Harbury's Burlesque Studio in no man's land biggrin (sorry for the bad pun) - neither here nor there in terms of publisher categories. This may leave self-publishing of an eBook as the best and simplest alternative, should the project eventually go ahead - will think about those details later.

If this novel is ever released, I will consider doing more "casual campaign" missions come WOFF 2020/21 - which might perhaps result in a sequel to this particular text - some doors in the narrative have been left open for such a project. Will refresh this thread in case of any further developments (lots more editing of the novel ahead, and perhaps expansion of some episodes). In the meantime, I will return to doing some modding, and to take a break from writing. Thank you to all WOFFers and dedicated readers for following this thread and its many flight reports over the last several months. It was as much fun writing up the reports as flying the missions.

Happy flying,
Von S

Experimenting further with the front cover
[Linked Image]

Lighter background of the aged paper now works better than in the previous post
[Linked Image]

Tinkering with a possible copyright section to acknowledge all efforts (thank you modders as well, and of course OBD too)
[Linked Image]

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