Oh Boy, the things you stumble upon.

I can't think how I never saw this thread back in 2017, but hey! what can you do?

I'd add that when I found/joined FW it was on the Delphi forums site. So that might be between the Green cascade and UBB you mentioned at the beginning of this thread DB.

Been here a few times in the past, but never managed to get the same momentum as FW. Even though I try and keep my rig up to date, getting BMS and my gear all working together is just another one of those jobs I"ll get to one day.

The Grand Prix Legends league was indeed a highlight...for the select few that showed up LOL, You mentioned Frank Steinbeck, but what about Jussix, Smok'nBob, and Jussix's partner in crime who's name escapes my ageing mind (Smeghead?). I think Coolhand even had a go.

...and I still can't forgive myself for my ill thought-out attempt to pass you in your Eagle on the inside at Ascari that day in Monza. Boy were you pissed. I'm still sorry.

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