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The novel should be great. I'll have to discuss with WM too regarding the images. Is the novel to be a commercial venture VonS?

Couple of points on the back cover it should be "Wings Over Flanders Fields" these days rather than just Over Flanders Fields, and to future proof it maybe don't mention the UE or PE.

Thanks Pol for the kind words - I will indeed change the info. to read "Wings Over Flanders Fields" and will remove any references to the UE/PE eds. In terms of the images, if WM thinks that 7-8 images are too much - an image on the front and back covers, at least, would be good even as an advert. for WOFF - but let me know either way what you and WM decide. If necessary I will of course remove all images from the book.

In terms of the commercial venture part: I would like to find either a decent publisher for the novel, or at least to go the e-Book route if no publisher is interested in taking up such an experimental/niche novel. I will have to check around first carefully, with various publishers, and will keep everyone posted - since some publishers are more reputable than others. If traditional publishers shun me away for such an eccentric offering - I will then go the eBook route with a very reasonable price, oh let's say the standard price for a paperback novel in the 1970s/1980s - what was it, no more than 10 dollars USD or even slightly less. Obviously, with standard publishers - as far as I know about the business of publishing - I won't be able to set the price then - this is why I will have to look more thoroughly into that world, since a small publisher that charges too much for a softcover variant of the book is just as bad as a big publisher that rejects the book outright. (Publishing would of course only go forward with permission of OBD Software.)

In the most optimistic scenario, the novel would receive enough visibility so that it attracts even more users to WOFF. I don't want to fantasize too much - but imagine the possibilities, both for the book and for OBD Software, if this was eventually picked up as a movie too - hopefully with no horrible CGI in it and reasonable acting skills.

(And thank you rtoolooze for the kind words as well.)

Von S smile2

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