And the adventures keep unfolding - Mission No. 17 for Major Dobson & Company now complete, an early morning mission on the first of June - the Major spotted new and strange monoplanes at a German 'drome close to Loos, and attacked the one with a staff car parked close by.

Also attacked was another monoplane - reminiscent of the Morane Bullet - as well as a balloon - and finally a pair of Aviatiks attempting to harass Bailleul Asylum. Also did some spotting for troop and battery movement near the lines at Neuve Chapelle. Salmond Sr., the grand poo-bah himself, accompanied in a Parasol but several claims were denied the Major, much to the latter's frustration frown (the Major will have to try including multiple witnesses in his claim writeups in the future --- (Thank you ePower for refreshing that thread.)

Other things to report: fps are holding up well, although, in this sector, there is perhaps a 10 fps ave. drop, with the "lite" tweak of Xjouve's total water mod. (ver. 1.1) installed - more of an fps hit than up at Ghistelles or down in the Alsace region. Still, fps usually didn't drop below the low 50s or so - so it's fine overall (no stutters encountered and smooth fps) and I am running with the lite water mod. tweak constantly loaded, for immersion.

Now to write up the report fully and see what other trouble the Major can get himself into.

Happy flying,
Von S smile2

Strange new monoplanes encountered, June of 1915 (the Germans are always working on new technology)
[Linked Image]

Loitered awhile to see what supplies the train was transporting
[Linked Image]

Approaching the Aviatik stealthily
[Linked Image]

The poor fellows, a horrible site to behold
[Linked Image]

The other two-seater put up some good defensive maneuvers
[Linked Image]

With their engine dead, they pleasantly tipped over onto their nose (pilot and observer survived and were taken prisoner)
[Linked Image]

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