Mission no. 6 now complete too (with full write-up to be included in the novel) - some patrolling behind and along the lines, as ordered by the C.O. - and ... it's back to the Johnny Dobson adventures, as the novel unfolds itself and edges towards the 300-page mark.

We did bag some Pyrrhic victories on this outing - and, no, Bouffant was not shot down by the two-seater. De Belleville decided to inspect his rudder a bit too closely in the fray - also something fell off of the two-seater and hit the rotary. Footage of debris not available owing to the rapid unfolding of events. It it's any consolation to my readers, De Belleville lost a wing in the tangled mess and went down too.

To be out-gunned or out-Boelcked, that is the question.

I suppose I could have cheated with the pilot backup and flew on, but the end was so dramatic and looked inevitable that it fits well with the weather, and the ongoing novel. Rejoice all, Dobson and Kiener are still on active duty.

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Two-seater with observer killed
[Linked Image]

Other perspective on two-seater, river in background
[Linked Image]

Chaps Bouffant, 7-victory Ace, we salute thee (6 missions total, one was a glitch - botched MissionEd settings - so had to roll to next mission)
[Linked Image]

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