And, finally, had some time to "observe" Chaps Bouffant's mission no. 5. The Lieutenant had a kill stolen from under his nose by De Boutiny this time around, but all's well in the land of friendly competition. All returned in one piece, alighting at the 'drome next to Fontaine for breakfast and refreshment. The local "oxwelder" (at Belfon) had done wonders with the LeRhones on the N23s, in the meantime, giving them extra power. We also harassed an interesting German airfield on this mission that, possibly owing to the previously rainy weather, developed some flooding. Nice rivulet running through it. Full write-up complete and followed up with mission no. 6. Some screenies below, from no. 5.

Von S smile2

Bouffant thought he would be awarded for this one
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Lovely views of the flooded German 'drome
[Linked Image]

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