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Wonderful reports and screenshots, Von S, as per your usual. I know I've said this before, but I don't know how you manage all those pilots at once. And, while I don't wish any of them ill will really, if they did all happen to fly off to join the Choir Invisible you'd be freed up to join us over in the DiD Campaign. Just saying. biggrin



Much appreciated Lou. The report write-ups are coming along well so far - novel is up to about 270 pp. in length. Will fly mission no. 5 and 6 for Chaps Bouffant soon - and then to come back to the Johnny Dobson RFC1 adventures. Once I've retired my trio of pilots I look forward to taking a spin in the DiD Campaigns. I'll do my best not to extend the novel much beyond 350 pp. or so - depends again on how long the pilots survive.

I'm not too worried for Dobson in the Bristol Scout in the middle of '15, but Kiener's E.II is getting long in the tooth - especially once '16 rolls in - rate of climb is a bit better than on the early Nieups., but they're much better with maneuverability. Bouffant on the other hand is a real dark horse - depends really on what mount he flies - fairly safe when the Spad 7 is swapped in using JJJ's excellent mission ed. - but the N23 is riskier business. Will see if we can give the boys of Esc. 49 an in-field and "rare" 23bis upgrade. smile2

Juggling three pilots isn't too bad - since they all have their little quirks and characteristics - and the different sectors of the front tend to spin their own stories. The hardest part is switching between the various mounts once you get used to one type across several missions. Well, okay, you never really get used to the E.II but you learn to tolerate it.

Hope to fly missions more regularly as I push further with the book.

Happy flying all,
Von S

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