Pleased to hear that the "lite" tweak of Xjouve's ver. 1.1 water map is working well - I'm also quite happy with the overall fps, with the tweak installed. Couple of representative pics. below from mission no. 14. Lakes and rivers seen slightly on the other side of the lines, around Ypres. Wonderful for even more immersion.

Now I have to write up report no. 14 - Von Kiener was denied leave, horrible snobbery up at HQ, perhaps better luck next time. He did receive a third Pour le Merite, however, for mission no. 14 - probably more recording errors up at HQ - I'm sure that the C.O. will have something to say about it smile2 in the write-up. Then it's time for some Johnny Dobson adventures - I miss flying the Bristol Scout. The Eindecker (E.II), while more capable than the lethargic E.I or the E.III (with the longer wingspan), is still a handful and tiring to fly against Nieups.

Happy flying,
Von S

Lite Tweak of Xjouve's ver. 1.1 Water Map
[Linked Image]

And Other View with Kiener and Hutzenlaub
[Linked Image]

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