Quick update to this thread: As a follow-up to the post above, have run the "lite" tweak of Xjouve's ver. 1.1 water mod. for Ritt. Kiener's mission no. 13, and fps hold up well, even in bad weather (heavy rain) - and with the added immersion of more water.

Representative pics. below, including a pretty new medal for Kiener that now allows for the "Ritter von" to be added to his name - certificate of nobility. smile2 A challenging mission against two Nieup. one-seaters, but eventually the Eindeckers got the upper hand. Missions continue to be written up - and the book is now up to about 220 pages in length - will continue with the writing since it's stimulating and the two alternating pilots are still alive, wherever the missions may land us (pun intended).

Stock terrains still being used, but with improved terrain bump map by Xjouve (ver. 2.0) and the "lite" tweak of the total water mod. Hope to switch over soon to the Johnny Dobson adventures, and will think about loading up the Global Mod. ver. 2.x then too - with the black and white ver. 3.1 map - once it becomes compatible with JJJ's historical crates-at-airfields mod. Great sim. as always and happy flying all.

Von S

View of water-filled indentations below, close to the lines as we head south not too far from Ypres
[Linked Image]

Battling it out with two pesky Nieups. (type 10)
[Linked Image]

One is a flamer, nice view of the water-clogged indentations below (using the "lite" tweak of Xjouve's ver. 1.1 water mod patch)
[Linked Image]

Other fellow about to go into a tree at his 'drome
[Linked Image]

Order of Max Joseph, Bavarian award, and Kiener is now Rittmeister Eberhard Ritter von Kiener (a flashy title indeed, let's hope it doesn't go to his head)
[Linked Image]

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