Xav, many thanks for all your efforts, including this global layer mod, which I have just installed. Whilst it may seem to some people that the realism of limited mission types is 'boring', I think it's great to have a more hardcore, historic option available. However, what has me really excited about your mod, admittedly after only one mission flight, is that you somehow seem to have 'unblocked' the scenery rendering pipe!! I don't know exactly what caused it, but I always would get one or two 'hiccups' shortly after takeoff. My guess has been scenery loading related. Those seem to have gone away with your mod and the whole mission felt fluid and smooth from start to finish. I also installed JJJ's latest ME this morning, just FYI.

I'll try to fly a few more missions, but initial impression is, this is fantastic!!


UPDATE: I'm imagining things smile. Hiccups still there.

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