Quick update to the thread again...missions nos. 11 and 12 now flown for Ritt. Kiener. The late Nov. weather is becoming awful (thank you BB for the ver. 3.0 cloud mod biggrin ). Rain mixed with snow, also flying postponed for several days, until the 2nd of Dec. Of other interesting happenings - two pilots have returned from leave, Ghistelles has also received an extra Eindecker and Aviatik in the meantime. Hauptmann Hutzenlaub crash-landed on the 30th - and again managed to get back to our side of the lines. That man has all the luck.

Hardly any contact with enemy aircraft over the last few flights - except for harassing of enemy balloons. Kiener was also to be awarded a second Blue Max upon his 14th or 15th victory but this was cancelled at the last minute and he still has only one Blue Max - possibly an error at HQ with the double Pour le Merite fiasco.

Detailed reports now written up and the novel is progressing nicely...up to about 180 pages so far. Will fly another couple of missions for the Rittmeister before moving back to the Johnny Dobson adventures - perhaps a spot of leave for Kiener if he stays intact. Will load the excellent and big, global layer ver. 2.0 pack that Xjouve has created (see relevant thread under the mods section), for the next couple of flights, to see how it functions. Some gloomy and representative pics. below of the most recent flights - wonderful late Nov. rain and sleet. Nothing like catching a few of those ice pellets behind the neck, while flying at 10,000 feet, to wake one up in the morning.

Happy flying all,
Von S smile2

Coming around the gasbag above Ypres before deflating it from the side (for more target area)
[Linked Image]

The 'drome north of St-Eloois is always a convenient spot to touch down when low on fuel
[Linked Image]

There comes Hutzenlaub again, to land (he always flies with Kiener and has so far lasted considerably longer than the two fellows who flew with the late v. Pranz - Krebs and Seelig)
[Linked Image]

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