Jerbear... Looks good. And I like the idea of the blue on blue. That is highly possible as many of the schemes they painted on planes in the field did not use special colors. Many Jastas used whatever was available from the basic kit colors in the shed. Meaning... They used light green, light blue, mauve and brown. Mixed it bast possible and painted it.

Obviously this was not the case we with more elite units like Jasta 10, 11 etc.

At any rate .. I'd like to help you with this unit and many others in the future using my skins. The base skin you're using is looks old and not one from my updated collection. The rudder and the wood details really don't show well in this set.

Email me and we'll work on this one together. I can work-up a clean base skin to make for this Jasta...and you can add the personal markings.

I'd really like to see the quality be there for your work on this planes and not use my older skins to base them on.

PM and I'll give you my email addy.


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