Awesome screenshots! I am always amazed by the color palette and how organic OBD makes the world feel. Adger, that last shot is fantastic.

In my extended weekend quest to fly planes I'm absolutely terrible at, I figured I give a few spins in the Fokker DR1. So I joined up with the Huns and while flying Balloon defense in our DR1s, we get bounced by a flight of British Tripehounds. It's a battle of the triple deckers! The DR1 is nimble but not a very stable gun platform due to the plane being so twitchy. I have a really hard time staying lined up for clear shots it in. Anyway, I was on the tail of one, apparently novice, Tripehound when two more fell in line behind me, changing the situation drastically. I don't know who they were but unfortunately for me those two weren't novices behind the stick.

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Flying Wings Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven & Hell II
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