Headed downtown for a Friday afternoon brew and snack in lieu of lunch. I don't usually bring my phone as I HATE people who go out to stare at their phones! But today I was hoping/expecting a semi-important call so I packed my no-tech iPhone 6S. Got bored, slow afternoon so I decided to check out my customized Apple News. Really slow and then just dead ended after a few articles. So I reset my phone and nothing changed.

Checked my Wi-Fi settings and I was using www.ubnt.com. I have Spectrum (Time Warner?) internet at home and have my phone set up to default log on to my local Spectrum SECURE WiFi, which it always does.

The Secure WiFi was available, but this crapola connection somehow horned in.

Is this what net neutrality is all about? Any clown with a WiFi router can access your phone?

BTW, www.ubnt.com doesn't exist, but it is listed in my phones WiFi connections. When you go to that address you get redirected to some tech wifi whoppie do company.

What gives them the right to take over my phones wifi selection?

"There's a sucker born every minute."
Phineas Taylor Barnum