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I'm really liking the combo of Xjouve's water mod and terrain mod, Bob's cloud mod and your very own scenery enhancement mod. They make for a great atmosphere I think. No EA encounters, but still fun for me smile

Great vid. Harry, had some opportunity to check it over today. I'm also impressed by Xjouve's developments, and BB's cloud mod. is a must-have for immersion. I might eventually switch to flying regularly with more of Xjouve's enhancements (the global layer file, sub-theater water maps, land cover mod CLC variant, also his in-flight maps, the older ver. ones that show balloon and 'drome locations with the modified frontlines) - but I'm currently waiting for more refinements to the water maps since they drop my fps noticeably, by about 50 or so.

I do however recommend his improved mesh/terrain maps as must-haves already - either the super high "ver. 1.0" or the max. detail "ver. 2.0" variant - no hit on fps and greatly improves the depth of the WOFF landscapes.

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Von S smile2

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