Wonderful screenies gents', keep them coming.

@Albert, lovely pics. of the Parasol (I'll have to increase my gloss values slightly in the WOFF menu to see if I can get that same shine on the wings - my glossiness settings are at 5).

@Adger and Albert, it does indeed fly like an umbrella. I will look into combing over its FM for a ver. 6.0 of the FM tweaks pack - top speed on the stock Parasol is around 125 kph near SL (possibly a later model?) - earlier Parasols had even lower speeds of about 112-5 kph. Also, the climb rate will be reduced slightly for the slower variant, and the wing loading increased, among other things. I'll try to look into those tweaks as soon as I find time. At any rate, I'm glad to have transferred from the Parasol into the Bristol Scout C for my RFC1 campaigns in 1915. The Bristol Scout is a beauty, especially when compared with the Parasol's and the Eindecker's flight characteristics.

Von S

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