Yeah, first person is the way to go for me too. Matter of fact, it was the thing that made me try it in the first place as I said in the OP. It's a disadvantage in PvP, since the first-person player has less SA, you can see a lot less of your surroundings, or over cars and walls and that sort of thing. But I don't care about that. I play full-time this way, driving, flying too. This means some cars are not ideal if they have a long bonnet, so I always make sure to test drive one first before purchasing. You can try any type of vehicle in the racing.

Are you playing online or story mode Blastman?

For new players trying out GTAO, one of the best things to do to gain rank and cash is the contact missions. These are usually quick 5 to 15 minute missions. To find them, hit escape, click online, jobs, Rockstar created then missions. As you rank up, more unlock. A mission like the rank 5 Where Credit's Due is really easy and quick. Oddly, the longer you take to do it, the more it pays. Take the full 15 minutes and get the most money. All ya gotta do is steal a pink Zion and drive it to Simeon's dealership, evading the fuzz along the way. Evasion is easy once you realize the key is to kite them, not just run at high speed. Just stay out of their vision cones. If you're in Invite-only you can do all of these solo.

With pistols free this week be sure to pick a couple up. The AP pistol is my favorite and makes a great weapon to use while driving. I'm not sure if rank-lock applies to free stuff. I've gone past the last unlock which is around level 130.

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