I think the single player campaign is worth it too. I know some folks won't have any interest in online. I made a post earlier in this thread about how I enjoy the best of what GTAO offers while avoiding the worst of it. The upshot is there are several modes for online that remove the d-bags. Even so I had a lot of fun in the story mode, I've played through it twice now. It's not everyone's cuppa, but I found it fun and funny too.

There is so much to do aside from PvP. If anyone is up for the following activities, give me a shout

-- Street racing. Especially bikes
-- Helicopter racing
-- Skydiving
-- Golf
-- Darts
-- Tennis
-- Heists
-- Missions
-- General gangsta stuff like hanging on the corner, crib or strip club shooting the sh!t

GTA is not a model of realism, not that you needed me to tell you that. So things like physics are less than accurate. Flight models and vehicle physics will not remind you of your favorite sim. But the street racing is a lot of fun, and flying helicopters around Los Santos is great. Sometimes I just hop in one of my helicopters and just have a bash through the city, buzzing skyscrapers and under bridges. It's a lot of fun.

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