By the way, new week new rewards

2x Bunker business

Free pistols at Ammunation

Bunkers were actually 3x, but R* discovered the players were happy so they cut it to 2x, the bastages.

Grotti GTO on the podium, worth a few spins. I still have not won a car in probably 50 spins. Kamacho still not on sale.

For any new players thinking of going for the free deal this week, there is also a 500k log-in bonus during May (GTAO-only, not story mode). So you'll have a cool half-million very early on. That can help get you on your way. It takes a few days to hit your account though. 500k is enough to buy a high-end apartment with plenty left over to arm yourself (and pistols are free this week!) smile

If you register with Rockstar Social Club you'll have access to a free Elegy, which is very much like a Nissan GT-R and one of the best sports cars in GTA (can be used in story mode or online). I still drive mine a lot.

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