Great pictures again Adger. So even though you presumably had the great Udet down as a witness your claim was denied! It is very hit and miss the claim system with WOFF. I had one denied in my current campaign where you could still see the bloody smoke from my victim when we landed! It was that close to the airfield! We could have walked over and grabbed any trophy we wanted....but no....the claim was rejected banghead

Yes the Pfalz is good fun. I'd started the campaign with a view to requesting a transfer to FFA62 when that unit becomes fully Fokkered in mid December 1915. However I'm thinking I might stay with the Pfalz instead.

"A great deal of an aeroplane could be holed without affecting its ability to fly. Wings and fuselage could be—and often were—pierced in 50 places, missing the occupants by inches (blissfully unaware of how close it had come until they returned to base). Then the sailmaker would carefully cover each hole with a square inch of Irish linen frayed at the edges and with a brushful of dope make our aircraft 'serviceable' again within an hour."