Yes you're right, I've already added a few Mods which really add to the experience, but as you say the game looks brilliant anyway.

The Pfalz is a wing warper and like all of those types the roll rate is very poor, however once you're actually in your turn you can feel it's easier than in a Fokker Eindecker. It certainly holds it's height better in a turn than the Fokker.

The only squadron you seem to be able to fly it without starting as a very high rank from the start is FA(A)296b (actually FFA 9b) which is where I started flying the Aviatik and then the Pfalz.

Flying around all those mountains and valleys is certainly a challenge as well.



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"A great deal of an aeroplane could be holed without affecting its ability to fly. Wings and fuselage could be—and often were—pierced in 50 places, missing the occupants by inches (blissfully unaware of how close it had come until they returned to base). Then the sailmaker would carefully cover each hole with a square inch of Irish linen frayed at the edges and with a brushful of dope make our aircraft 'serviceable' again within an hour."