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sounds like mipmaps issue - for BMP and TGA, mipmaps should be genereated manually in separate files, like

for DDS, they are generated automatically (if checkbox checked), so it's preferable file format for any purpose

I thought it might be something to do with mipmapping. I changed the single BMP to a TGA, and it already has improved it. Almost like it mipmaps it by itself. In the images below, the central display and countermeasures (to the left of it) use TGA. When zoomed out, they look softer. Compare that to the RPM/TRQ display that still uses a single BMP.

How do you create the different mipmap levels in the texture? Is it the texture file size, or the resolution that gets reduced? E.g. close up 512x512, then 256x256 etc. Or is it the pixels/per inch size in photoshop? I tried looking on the wiki as I think this has been mentioned before, but couldn't find anything.

I tried using the Nvidia tool to create DDS, but it won't launch in photoshop or using the standalone tool. Photoshop doesn't support DDS, but I've read that Gimp does, so I'll try that.

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